Endurance – the state or fact of persevering
Dictionary of the English Language
Staying power, determination, persistance, tenacity
Collins Thesaurus

Endurance Estates have over 25 years of experience in predicting and handling the issues and obstacles that may arise in the process of delivering a successful project and perseveres in all aspects of the property process.

The “Endurance” name was inspired by Shackleton’s 1914 – 1917 Antarctic expedition on the ship “Endurance”. A family member of one of the company shareholders participated in this expedition which has subsequently been seen as one of history’s greatest feats of endurance.

As a property management company the Endurance theme provides the backbone to the company’s approach. Considering property is akin to looking at an iceberg in that you cannot always immediately be aware of the hidden issues beneath the surface which can affect its performance.


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