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Endurance Estates has entered into a joint venture arrangement over a 10 acre site in conjunction with local landowner Cambridge Project Management Ltd. Endurance Estates has provided the access into the site and is constructing 2 office buildings speculatively. In addition a 2.2 acre site has been placed under offer with a major hotel operator, with a view that they jointly apply for planning permission for a new 150 bed hotel, to meet the business and leisure requirements from Cambridge and Huntingdon. Further sites have potential for a car showroom and nursing home development subject to planning permission.


Up to 150,000sq ft (13, 935sq mi)

Guided Bus

Cambridegshire guided busway

Cambridgeshire County Council is in the process of building the longest guided busway in the world. When it opens in late summer 2009 the Guided Busway will provide a reliable, fast and frequent service, a genuine public transport alternative to driving in to Cambridge on the busy A14. The guided busway will link Huntingdon, St Ives and Cambridge and will include two new Park & Ride sites.

A guided busway is a dedicated track just for buses to drive on. Any bus can use a guided busway as long as it has two small extra wheels (guide wheels) attached in front of its regular wheels. These guide wheels then connect with the busway track.

Guided buses will travel on both newly built guideways and also on ordinary roads. The guideway is being built along the route of the old St Ives to Cambridge railway track and from Cambridge railway station to Addenbrooke's Hospital and Trumpington Park & Ride. Where guided buses travel on normal roads they will use bus priority measures, including new bus lanes and bus priority traffic signals. There will also be a new bridleway for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders built alongside the guideway from St Ives to Cambridge Science Park.

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