Endurance Estates Strategic Land is coordinating the preparation of a masterplan for the historic School of Gresham’s in Holt, North Norfolk. The School identified the need for a new Sixth Form Centre to provide a world class teaching facility with high quality living space to meet the growing demand of pupils to benefit from a Boarding School education during the Sixth Form. Further, the School needs to move from outdated historic buildings used as a Pre-Prep School for younger children and to provide a new exemplary teaching facility.


Endurance Estates identified the opportunity for residential development on redundant land owned by the School and commercial and mixed use opportunities within the old Pre-Prep School. A masterplan exercise was commissioned with leading architects Cowper Griffith Associates to look at the most appropriate locations for various new School buildings with regard to future requirements for new sporting and teaching facilities. A comprehensive masterplan was prepared which identified the surplus sites that could be utilised to pay for the much needed new School facilities. The Local Plan had already identified another site within the town and therefore Endurance Estates are working under the principles of “localism” that allow local people to make choices about how their communities grow.The District and Town Councils recognise the importance the School plays in the community and its importance as an employer in the region.


Endurance Estates and the School identified the need for extra car parking for the town centre alongside various pedestrian and highway improvements and these will be provided with the new masterplan. With an appropriate package of benefits to the local community Endurance Estates felt there was an opportunity to make a planning application.

Endurance Estates is co-financing the preparation of the necessary planning applications and coordinating the overall masterplan and property agent to maximise the value of the surplus sites. These sites will fund the much needed School buildings. Endurance Estates will receive a share of the net proceeds as a return on its investment.

This innovative approach enables the School to realise value from its assets without investing significant capital or providing a lot of executive resource in managing the planning process.

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