Endurance Estates Strategic Land together with the landowner are promoting 5 acres of scrub land at the end of Wedow Road Thaxted for a residential development of 55 houses. The site has been promoted for development and various meetings have been held with Thaxted Parish Council and other stakeholder groups to understand the requirements in Thaxted.

Endurance Estates are aware there is a shortage of new homes in the Uttlesford district and given the low rate of current building and the number of large schemes that have stalled, it is important that new homes are provided in towns such as Thaxted where new homes not only provide a choice for existing residents seeking to upgrade/ downgrade, but also encourage new homeowners to live in this most attractive Essex town.

The site benefits from easy access to the centre and potentially can create a number of benefits including increasing the population to encourage use of the town centre shops and restaurants, and local employment through its construction and provision of a wide range of starter and family homes in a district that has seen a historically low level of new homes being provided. We are encouraged that the Parish Council have already prepared the Thaxted Design Statement, which looking at the history of Thaxted, the character and set out broad guidelines and listened to what should be taken into account.

The increased population will increase the usage of the shops, restaurants and other facilities and help enhance the vitality of the town.

Thaxted is an attractive Essex town with a number of very historical buildings including a church constructed in the 16th century by Clare College which occupies a very dominant position in the town centre. There are also a number of half timbered buildings with an amazing array of colourwash facades. The town has a vibrant community and an interesting mix of local shops, restaurants and pubs.

Proposals have been worked up to ensure that the local community have a say in any development that happens and early ideas including the provision of improvement of existing footpaths, provision of new footpaths to enable existing homes to connect to other areas of the town, contributions to village communities including a scout hut, contributions to help expand the school and to improve the sewage works.

Endurance Estates is embracing the 'Localism' agenda by ensuring its schemes are driven from the local level upwards and having regard to the democratically elected members' aspirations for the area. The scheme also embraces the Governments policy on 'Planning for Growth' that sets out the opportunity that planning has to foster growth and maintain a flexible supply of land for housing. The Secretary of State has suggested that Localism will enable local authorities to support enterprise, facilitate housing and economic development. There is an emphasis on Local Authorities and local communities to recognise the benefits that the provision of housing can make to an area. We have recognised that there is a considerable shortage of housing in Thaxted and Uttlesford generally and by providing both private and affordable housing and this will help ease the supply which over time has caused land prices to rise and the supply of affordable homes to decrease.