Endurance Estates will buy parcels of land that may have medium or long term development potential. We buy land unconditionaly or conditionally upon obtaining planning permission


Endurance Estates organised a Cooperation Agreement between 4 different homeowners where there was potential for land to the rear of their gardens to be developed for housing. The company entered into a Promotional Agreement and financed the work necessary to obtain planning consent for 19 residential units. The company coordinated the lifting of 2 restrictive covenants, obtained a drainage easement to enable the surface water to run to a Highways ditch and various other technical constraints. A detailed Planning Application was submitted and permission granted by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Bellway Homes purchased the site for a price equating to over £1m per developable acre. The scheme was then branded Henslow Mews by Bellway Homes.

Whittlesford Way Whittlesford Photo

For further information on Endurance Estates activity in relation to the Station Road, Whittlesford please do not hesitate to contact:

Tim Holmes
Direct dial: 01223 873751