Endurance Estates is actively involved in promoting property developments and schemes that aim to reduce carbon emissions. Endurance Estates is promoting a green wall on one of its office buildings, 90 Hills Road, Cambridge that will reduce CO2 by absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere, generate oxygen and reduce the fuel that is needed to power the building by the plants acting as a ’brie soleil’.

The company has implemented initiatives to reduce C02 both in existing new buildings by considering the ’BREEM’ guidelines and actively supports the measures to new and existing refurbished buildings.

Endurance Estates aspire to create well designed buildings in a sustainable world. Through the design process, material selection and implementation of our developments constant attention is given to the environment and addressing the impact.

Endurance Estates are looking at ways to;

  • design and build carbon neutral buildings
  • Increase development site biodiversity
  • Optimising the building, the site and development process to reduce energy consumption
  • Endurance Estates work closely with architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical consulting engineers, and landscape architects to create a sustainable environment by addressing the impact of their developments on the environment.